In English

I am a senior candidate at the C.G. Jung Institute in Copenhagen and I offer sessions based on the theories of C.G. Jung at a reduced price. I offer sessions (Fridays) in a nice location very close to the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen. In order for you to assess whether we could work together, I offer an initial 60-min session for free (see also Praktisk information).

Many people try to manage their life with painful feelings and lacking sense of meaning and direction in life. Psychoanalysis considers the reasons for such suffering to lie in the unconscious as conflicts, complexes and trauma, potentially originating from childhood experiences but also experiences later in life. The basic goal and attitude of Jungian analysis is to build an ongoing relationship with the unconscious, as this can be a source of understanding oneself and help give direction and healing. Your symptoms may not disappear but you will eventually get to understand what they want to tell you about your life and changes you may have to make.

The therapeutic room is a safe place where we together will explore what is going on in you. We can work with your connection to the unconscious in the form of dreams, symbols, fairy tales and creative activities. This increased attention on the unconscious will facilitate the therapeutic process, which is not to be pushed and will be entirely at your pace. As this form of psychoanalysis is very gentle and works with the deeper layers of the psyche, it requires time. You should expect regular (preferably weekly) sessions over a longer period of time – typically 1 or more years. But, this is very individual.

I am a student member of Dansk Psykoterapeut Forening and work according to their Ethical Guidelines as well as the Code of Ethics as described by the Dansk Selskab For Analytisk Psykologi. This includes maintaining a very high level of confidentiality. As a student, I am receiving regular supervision on my client work, which also ensures quality in our work together.

I have a MSc and PhD in Human biology from Copenhagen University and have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. I enrolled to the education to Jungian Analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute in Copenhagen in 2018 and attended the last theoretical module in March 2023.

I have personal experience with other cultures, based on a multicultural upbringing in Denmark as well as study and work stays abroad (France, United States, India). I speak English fluently and understand well Norwegian and Swedish.